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RAPALA Husky Jerk Gold  HJ12G

RAPALA Husky Jerk Gold HJ12G

SKU: 02267001333
4 3/4 in.
4 - 8 ft.
     Rapala Husky Jerks are one of the most affordable and popular suspending jerkbaits on the market. The suspending bodies are neutrally buoyant, giving the lures a hovering appearance in the water column during pauses in the retrieve. These lures are perfectly balanced allowing them to be cast or trolled at any speed while still running straight and true. Husky Jerks are long casting and shallow diving, letting you cover the most water. The variety of colors and finishes are sure to attract walleye, musky, and pike, while the internal rattle chamber entices those fish from a distance. The smaller sized Husky Jerks are great if you're trying to hook up some bass. These fishing lures are built with durable components, including strong VMC hooks. If you're looking for a great lure design and a trusted fish catcher, then get the Rapala Husky Jerk. Get several. With all the fish you'll be catching, you're going to want more than one!Suspending/neutral buoyancyLong-castingLoud rattlesRuns straight and truePremium VMC black nickel hooksHand tuned and tank testedQty. per pack: 1
7/16 oz.
Treble Hooks
Three # 5


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