Off Shore Side Planer - OR12


The Off Shore Tackle® Side Planers are ballasted to run effortlessly in rough and tough waters off of your rod line. The planer features a stationary flag, two OR19 releases, two 6/32 screws, 2 nylon nuts and one split ring. The Off Shore Tackle® Side Planer comes in both left and right models, and both are built to be stable and durable to result in increased performance on the water.

  • Runs effortlessly in tough waters off your rod line
  • Durable and sturdy for better performance on the water
  • Ballast keeps planer upright
  • Stationary flag included
  • 2 OR19 releases, 2 6/32 screws, 2 nylon nuts
  • 1 split ring
  • Instructions included
  • Model: OR12

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