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Automatic Fisherman The Snapper AF-SNAP

Automatic Fisherman The Snapper AF-SNAP

SKU: 665851255551

The Snapper hooksetting system

The Snapper sets the hook in the fish allowing you to fight the fish on a rod and reel. It will improve your catch ratios and allow you to catch any species of fish, from small bluegills to giant pike. You can use any size fishing rod from 22” to 50” in length and fine tune the bend/hookset in your fishing rod for the species of fish you want to catch. You even have the ability to use it on your boat or dock with an adaptor if need be. It’s made out of a very durable HDPE plastic the same material our Automatic fisherman and 5 gal buckets are made of.

It retracts down to 17”x2.5”x2.5” for easy storage and short rods, and can extend out to 29” in length to fit longer rods. So give it a try I know you will love it like I did.
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