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Automatic Fisherman   AF33C

Automatic Fisherman AF33C

SKU: 894887000013

The AF33C unit was developed for fisherman that are after big fish and want a system that has been proven to work. This system works very well for big fish because of the fishing rod. It has a 4bb reel with a fold down handle and winter lube. The unit includes a 33" solid fiberglass Medium heavy action rod with seven big stainless steel guides. It also includes a 4 ball bearing reel with a great drag, winter lube and a fold down handle for easy storage. The rod was designed to catch big fish like Walleye, Northern Pike, Rainbow trout, brown trout, lake trout, carp, catfish and bass. We have added a new product that eliminates the line from freezing in the ice, it is called the Ice Stopper. The solution for the ice stopper product is included, it consists of a 8 oz bottle of -50 deg solution that goes inside the reservoir and stops the line from freezing in the ice hole. The AF33C is a great system for gamefish and deep water. This is a great system for finicky fish like Walleye, and Carp because you can adjust the bobber height to let the fish have up to 2 feet of slack line of you can move the bobber higher for more aggressive before the rod releases and sets the hook.

(20 year REPLACEMENT WARRANTY ON THE RED BASE and trigger system)

( 5 year ON THE ROD)

(1 year ON THE REEL)

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